July 26th - Sharkeez MB  (by Lincoln)

Your typical Wednesday burger tour...meets your typical Sharkeez night...

Okay - so I won't even be here for this burgertour...but I've been on enough burgertours, and enough Sharkeez nights - I figured I could wing this one, then leave for the East Coast for two weeks.

Night started off normal enough.  Andy was 30 minutes early to make sure the place hadn't burned down, or that I hadn't picked some rogue joint that closed early.  Esme showed up 30 minutes late - got lost somewhere between the parking lot and Rosecrans.  Her excuse was she was late polishing up the final draft of her 25 Degrees write-up.  Her teenage sister was grounded for staying out late - and "couldn't make it."  We all harassed Esme for not giving Jessica one of her old ID's to get in - just give her one.

Heather brought her mulleted "soulmate" - both had the Bacon Cheeseburger. 

After a few drinks, Chris blurred the line between "good touching" and "bad touching."  It was also his Wednesday away from his newly minted Vegequerianism - so he also binged.  It was disgusting.  And Natalie could vouch for it - despite her living in Texas.  Whitney didn't help - and ended the night one strike short of an entire inning.  Speaking of innings - Whitney whimped...I mean limped in from the softball game last week.

Pep valet parked his Porsche outside Sharkeez.  The smokers outside were still trying to figure out what to do with his keys when he got back out.

Ed didn't show up - I think he was still humbled from the Trivia contest at Fireside.  Then Dave almost got kicked out for ordering a Huevos Rancheros...then holding the Huevos.  And the Rancheros.  Tony made a surprise appearance - I think it was to try to forget Yahoo!'s stock performance last week.  Speaking of internets, Cameron made it - despite the launch of www.everyonemd.com.  Good work.

Matt was his usual popular, good-looking, charming self.  Fuck him.

Diana showed on a motorcycle, so did Eric.  Tony (not Chen) didn't - still in the hospital after breaking his bike in two.  J. Meaty and Hornkohl finally came back out...don't say those names too fast.  Jenny and Elaine showed up.  After splitting a Shirley Temple, both were out of control.  We all felt bad, so we told them it was alcoholic.  Jaime/Kathleen didn't make it - volleyball schedule took priority.  Amanda "Hug-N-Kiss" Leckman taught us all a thing or two about competitive eating.

Elizabeth and Big Mike - newest members, made the long hike up from 36th Place.  Well played.  Kenny made it up too!!!!

The burgers were tasty - hands down the best deal of any Wednesday.  Mulletude was high - as expected.  Service was adequate - bucket for a meal ticket was a nice touch.  Daphne tried to explain she ordered it medium-rare, not medium - not something you do at Sharkeez.  Night was a long laster - one of the longer burgertours.  For a fish taco stand - not too bad Sharkeez.  Deserves a repeat visit...let's say three times a week!