Sage Brush Cantina


May 31st, 2006 (by Eric)


Only 10 brave souls made the trek to the Southwest most part of the valley to Sagebrush Cantina. Not quite a place known for hamburgers, but none the less they had some great people attending the venue. Seeing as how the scenery contained quite a bit of silicone, topics got occasionally racy which is to be expected in the porn capital of the world (San Fernando Valley). It seemed to be a reoccurring sentiment that the burgers tasted like Burger King's. I suppose they are trying to copy the King!




Belle Vino?  Burger Tourists do it between the buns.

Damn, this is far!

tastes like Burger King crap!

It's about getting naked and rubbing against plastic parts; This is the farthest I've ever gone for a burger.

Nice open area, the view is good

Burgers reminded me of Burger King hamburgers

Ice in my beer-- now I've seen everything

I am glad Esme came.

Salsa was more spicy than the waitress

What, nobody else has been married before?