George Petrelliís Steakhouse


October 18th, 2006 (by Chris)


A touch of class. And juice.


My favorite aspect of our stop at Petrelliís was my initial phone call. BurgerTourists know all too well that the restaurants we go to need a heads-up so that they can a) make sure there is space for all of us and b) make sure they stock up on beef. When I called Petrelliís, the manager/ownerís wife was very nice. I started by asking if they make a decent burger there. She laughed and told me that I must be new to LA. Awesome. Then I got into the details of the BurgerTour. She was intrigued, but also pretty confused. She later told us that she thought the whole thing was a gag. She couldnít have been further from the truth.


We showed up, ready for business. In fact, one of our newer BurgerTourists was unclear on when we meet, so she actually started scoping out the place (accidentally) around 7. The place passed our inspection, so we dug in. I wonít lie - we were blown away by the juice. As you can see in the first quote below, taken from the menu, Petrelliís believes in juice. Most menus have a little note about how undercooked seafood can be harmful. Not Petrelliís.


George and his wife stopped by several times during the meal. They were lovely.




"We do not recommend cooking steaks past medium as to maintain the flavor and tenderness" sums it up!

Chris should pick up the tab since he's late

Nice 'n Juicy!

Very old school. Me likey.

So meatyÖso greasy.

Juice dripping like a faucet.

Nicely toasted bun.

The owner comes through!

Onion rings - eh. Not great.

Personal service from the owner - adds to mulletude.

George is cool.

George came to say hi - can't beat that.

Best meat in a while.

Juice dripping and lovin it.

Classy in an old school kind of way.

I saw Kenny's full frontal - not bad for an old guy!

Great flavor and must have the grilled onions on the burger

Too "high class" for the burgertour. Needs hot female waitresses in bikinis.

Very clean

Very personable