Hamburger Hamlet


May 17th, 2006 (by Adam)


Twenty 23 burger tourists descended on Hamburger Hamlet.  The place was huge - for a change everyone got to sit at one long table.  Overall there were strong scores for meat, baggage, and especially for Kenny Factor.  The weak bunnage seemed to be the main drawback for the hamlet.


The Chateaubriand Burger was the most ordered at the table.  It is “Charbroiled Burger Steak on a Grilled Sourdough Crouton w. Grilled Red Onions, Sauteed Garlic Spinach, and Topped w. a Classic Bearnaise Sauce. Served w. Potatoes Gratin.”  Even though some tourists have asked for more a bar atmosphere, upscale still appeals to the tour.  Most were satisfied with their burgers except for one incident where the sauce and cleaning products had a similar taste (how did he know?).   Some flirting with the wait staff occurred as well


There were some new faces and a total of 22 tourists.  A few deviations from the burger tour mission statement occurred when chicken, turkey, and vegetarian meals were ordered.  These votes were not counted for meat or juice.  As we left some tourists talked about coming back to try other non-burger items on the menu.



Great bunnage – but only the lower half

Fast service, cute waitress

Worst BBQ sauce ever!  It tastes like lemon pledgeTM.

Sample is a great way to taste a lot of everything

Um thanx for having the salad girl

They were very nice and attentive

Pretty Dry L

Bernaise!  Ohhh yeah.

Good service but did not feel that they fully appreciate the tour

Very beautiful company

Not impressed